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KidsTube MERN Project

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Full Stack Learning Portfolio, Web Work

Project Description:

100% human reviewed kids videos and parents set filters on what to show.

Youtube already offers “Youtube Kids” a solution to protect Kids by having more restrictive content.

Still, these YouTube Kids videos are often not aligned with the educational principles of concerned parents.
Toy unboxing, hidden ads, ego-driven online stars, aggressive and violent content even for toddlers, videos in languages not spoken by the children,…

KidsTube has 100% human categorized videos from the YouTube platform.
Parents simply define filter settings once.

Learning Goal:

– API to fetch from youtube and API to fetch stored video URLs with reviewer categorization for each video

– Backend Mongo Atlas Database that stores YouTube video_id together with the human reviewed information

– Frontend user control for Parents, Kids and Reviewers

– Deploying on Heroku

Tools used:

– Mongo Atlas Database

– NodeJS and Express

– React + Redux

Github code link:



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